Oh, take the time to waste a
Oh, never ask to be

Where do I start?
It’s magical, wondrous, inspiring.
It was love at first sight.

Just a few short weeks ago I had the incredible opportunity to escape the city and fly out to the Rockies. It was all of the above and more. But really, it didn’t have everything to do with the incredible sights… though they didn’t hurt. It had everything to do with the sense of adventure, feeling of love, and incredible company.

I wrapped up my day job at the local, professional print lab I work at and Ubered it down to the airport. I was vibrating. Possibly because of the nerves… a tiiiiiiiiny bit because of the Starbucks, and so much from excitement.

You see just a handful of months earlier I was asked to fly out to photograph the Heather & Jay’s wedding. Not only are they remarkable human beings, but the love that radiates from them is like no other. Add their adorable children, Calgary’s landscape, and my best friend as the Maid of Honour… and well, it was a yes even before I was asked ;).

I arrived in Calgary sooooo late, but sooo much more eager.

Sleep would be short, but the following day was just the beginning into a trip of a lifetime.

Have a look at our adventure.
Meet some of our main characters of the stories to come, and do stick around for the next couple of posts 🙂

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Here’s to good friends and wanderlust.

Featuring: Heather, Kayleigh, Kam, and Evan.

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