~You and me, we belong together
Just like a breath needs the air ~

I met Heather and Jay a couple of years ago at a small town Jack and Jill for Kayleigh Chambers. You see, I moved to a town where everyone had grown up together, shared years of moments, and experienced milestones together. Heather and Kayleigh were two peas in a pod most of their lives and as such I got to hear about their crazy stories together. So when I finally had the chance to meet Heather it was a fantastic moment that brought those stories to life. Oh, and did I mention she flew in for the occasion and was super pregnant at the time?!

Heather moved to Calgary many years ago; a big, brave move that would forever set her on her path. She met Jay- just the right mix of manly man and gentleman- and her beautiful family began.

When Heather invited me down to Calgary to photograph her wedding I was beyond honoured.

My small red eye landed in Calgary very early in the morning, but I lucked out with one of those super sassy flight attendants who made the seat belt spiel hilariously awesome. Winning! Kayleigh, the Maid of Honour, arrived a handful of days ahead of me and she and Heather were waiting at the airport. We all crashed hard that night so we could go and explore the mountains that morning. The scenary was breathtaking, but it was the Macleod wedding that was really unforgettable.

It was an elegant, beautiful , and intimate- with only the closest of family and friends there. The love was real and the moments so pure. It really was difficult to keep a dry eye, especially when heather read her vows to Jay.

Take some time and scroll through this story. A story of love, kindness, togetherness, and family. You may just need a tissue though. ❤

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