Sonia & Serge
Saturday July 5, 2014

Our conversations began through Facebook, but I first met Sonia and Serge over a cup of delicious, strong coffee. We chatted about poses, lighting, and their stunning wedding location- the Toronto Botanical Gardens. I began to notice then that Sonia and Serge were not the usual couple.


They meet nearly 4 years ago at a packed bar on a street that resembled a sardine can. They were each with a friend, hoping to grab a drink and watch the World Cup game. Since all of the tables were full, Serge approached Sonia’s table and asked if he and his buddy could join. She said yes.


Flash forward, the World Cup 2014 is in full swing and Serge and his buddy, Konstantin, await somewhat patiently as Ajay gives away his daughter Sonia. Who is by her side you may ask? Her Friend Upneet, the one from that crazy game night years ago….



It’s always touching to hear stories like these, especially when they come full circle, as Sonia and Serge’s did. I’d be hard pressed not to believe in fate, especially since neither of them were born in Canada.


Families travelled far and wide for this small and intimate ceremony. It was so fitting to be amongst nature- a place the two love birds are very fond. As loving and joyous as the occasion really was however, some of my favourite memories began when the tunes flooded the reception hall. Big, small, young, and old; everyone was dancing the night away and truly enjoying themselves together! It was a spectacular day, both my assistant Anna (Anna Sklavos Photography), and I had an absolute blast!! Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Bornow!



Thanks for having us be a part of your special day!!